NBA Agents

NBA Agents

NBA agents, like baseball agents, are now negotiating athlete contracts in the one hundred million dollar range. A NBA agent plays a vital role in the contract negotiation process as well as several other aspects of their clients' lives. It is up to the sports agent to seek out lucrative marketing endorsement deals, charity and personal appearance events, and to build a well rounded positive image of their client in order to attract future business opportunities.

Whether you are an athlete looking to break into the NBA or you are a professional looking to market your products and services to NBA athletes and executives, our directory of NBA sports agents puts you in touch with the people you need in order to be successful. Our directory contains the contact information for over 200 Certified NBA Agents.

Who should use our NBA Agents Directory?

Basketball Athletes - Find an agent to represent you and get you tryouts with teams in the United States or overseas.

Aspiring NBA Sports Agents - Search for job or internship opportunities with existing NBA agents.

Professionals - Market your products and services to professional basketball players, team executives and league personnel.

Charities - Contact agents to find athletes for personal appearances at fundraising events.

What is included in the NBA Agents Directory?

Our sports agent directory includes a complete list of over 200 certified NBA agents. We provide you with the name, address, and phone number for each basketball agent as well as email and web site addresses wherever possible.