NFL Agents

NFL Agents

With free agency, restructuring of contracts, and strict team salary caps, NFL sports agents play a crucial role in the success of their client's professional career. NFL agents are perhaps the most detail oriented of all the major sports. Due to the extremely physical nature of professional football, athlete contracts are often filled with intricate injury and performance clauses that can have a tremendous impact on the value of the overall contract.

Whether you are an athlete looking to break into the NFL or you are a professional looking to market your products and services to NFL athletes and executives, our NFL sports agent directory puts you in touch with the people you need in order to be successful. Our directory contains the contact information for over 1000 Certified NFL Agents and 100 Certified CFL Agents.

Who should use our NFL Agents Directory?

Football Athletes - Find an agent to represent you and get you tryouts with teams in the NFL, CFL or Arena football leagues.

Aspiring NFL Sports Agents - Search for a job or internship opportunities with existing NFL agents.

Professionals - Market your products and services to professional football players in the NFL and CFL or find product endorsement opportunities with popular players.

Charities - Find popular football players to make personal appearances.

What is included in the NFL Agents Directory?

Our sports agent directory includes a complete list of over 1000 certified NFL agents and 100 certified CFL agents. We provide you with the name, address, and phone number for each NFL agent as well as email and web site addresses wherever possible.